I am now 7 days into my recovery. I got my surgery done at the VA hospital. Im a female, ive had other major surgeries,  one of them being a c section and not even given any meds in the recovery room. ( docs accidentally discharged me so they weren't even allowed to give me Motrin for the giant wound i just had stapled shut 1 hour before! My mom had to leave the hospital just to get me some aspirin. After about 24 hours of no real medication,  they fixed the paperwork and put me on a drip.) Ive slowed down the norco because i hate drugs.  If the pain is really bad i will take them as prescribed,  if not as much pain, i wait it out. I am taking the stool softeners 3-4 times a day instead of once a day.  My bms still hurt everytime i go. And when i do go its only about 2 tbs worth of c**p,  but feels like im dropping a full load along with some burning hot scalpels. I use a stool for my feet when I'm on the toilet to simulate squatting.  I think it helps a lot.  I haven't had much blood except on my 6th day i had some that i found when i got up from the little sitz bath bucket.  I dabbed myself clean and no more was coming out. Here is the plan i have been doing:

Wake-up: take meds wait 20 min before not being able to resist going to the bathroom.  Prop my feet up to use the toilet.  GO POOP AND PEE IN THE SITZBATH!!!!!!!!  Omg it helps! While it doesn't make the pain go away,  the warm water is instant relief and causes a little distraction from the pain.  Since im using a little stool while im sitting,  im bent over at the waist while i go. Im seriously biting my knee caps off for the first few seconds as it starts to come out, after that the pain is not as nightmarish.  

Throw the water out and refill with warm clean water again. Sit til you feel better.  Have plenty of towels ready because all that water can get messy.  You can repeat this process til you feel clean and you see no more particles in the bowl.  Afterwards, put some lidocaine on gauze and leave it between your buttcheeks until its time to go again in a few hours.  ( i was going every 3 hours) 

I ate very little regular food and just slightly more high fiber foods, like veggies/bean soups/highfiber cereal with fresh berries. I stayed away from protein as much as possible. (sucked because im a gym rat and im losing all of my gains, bro.) I have had a slice of pizza and other c**p here and there.  

So far im only taking 200mg of Motrin in between the norco.  But i didn't start taking it till 4 days out. Risk of bleeding is already high,  and asprin can cause problems. I got permission from my doc to take motrin. Ill probably be bumping it up to 400 starting tonight and weening myself off the norco. 

Do not strain to go.  If you are already feeling it come out and youre feeling like your body is forcing you to push,  then that is ok. Just don't force it yourself.  Let your body do all thr work.  Also,  don't try to "cut it off" when you are trying to stop a poop. Let it happen and relax.  Go for the horrible nightmare ride and you will have some relief after you're done.  Don't try to hold it in in fear of the pain that you're going to have to face no matter what.  Holding it in only delays the inevitable and will cause even more pain from the pressure building up. 

Im self employed but i am a parent.  Luckily my kids are at an age that they can fend for themselves and help me while my husband is at work.  I don't have to deal with clients until im ready.  Docs say to make sure to exercise because it helps making a poo, but fkkkkkkkk that! Too painful.  I love working out but im over here walking around like an old lady and sitting very carefully. Ive been sitting or laying around for a week besides the million times i go to the bathroom or make something quick to eat. 

Hopefully things will continue to look up, even though the recovery is very slow.  My poops still have the same shock factor as the first one i had.  Hopefully i won't randomly start bleeding to death.  I have bite marks on my knees. 

I had internal and external skin tags.  The doc did 2 out of 3 of the anus area. She told me once i healed up i can get the third area done.................................................................................

I was also told i was between a 1-2 category for hemmroids.  Oh and i almost forgot,  other pain from the surgery included super sore legs and a burning feeling in my peepee area.  And the fkkkkkkking anus spasms!!!!!!!omg!!!!!!! It will literally take your breath away every 2 min that it happens.  U can feel it most of the time coming on and sometimes you can control it to not happen or at least lessen the spasms. A friend that has her surgery done told me hers lasted a week. mine lasted about 2 days,  went away,  then came back but not as horrid as the first time. 

Remember im only 7 days recovered so i don't know wha the future holds for me yet.  The future is not set.....