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Hi, I'm a nineteen year old girl. I'm 5'6'' and weigh 138 pounds, so my BMI is fine. I don't really exercise (but am planning to start doing pilates and walking around my college campus now that the weather is nicer). I eat pretty healthily. I went to the gynecologist today for a regular exam and she told me that my blood pressure was high. Now, I had a bad experience with a faulty, electronic blood pressure machine in high school that kept tightening around my arm and would not release, so I now get slightly freaked out when I have to have my blood pressure taken. My blood pressure was initially 140/90 at the start of the exam, then when she took it again it was 130/90. She told me to take it at home for a couple days and then phone in the results because I would be less nervous taking the test at home. I took it twice today after the exam and it was 119/83 and then 125/84. I really can't tell if this is just because I HATE blood pressure exams and get nervous or because I actually have hypertension. Bear in mind that I am on Yaz (birth control) which has a possible side effect of high blood pressure. My grandma has high blood pressure (but she is overweight) and I think she is the only one in my family who does, so there's not much of a family history. Is it possible for someone like me to have hypertension? What can I do about this?


nothing, you're fine. exercise. eat right. you could lose some weight.