Okay so, this isn't actually a question but I just wanted to share my experience with some people who might be interested or concerned about getting an internal ultrasound whilst still being a virgin.   

So last night I went to the doctor because I was concerned about terrible period pain and excessive bleeding (even for me). I told her about my past with PCOS and she said that she wanted to get me an ultrasound. I was like okay, thinking that it was going to be an external (abdominal) ultrasound. I was wrong. She told me that she wanted me to get an internal ultrasound. I told her that I was a virgin. She said "Don't worry, your hymen is probably already broken anyway". She also said that they literally only put the ultrasound wand into your vagina a little bit. So this kind of relaxed me a little bit because I believed and trusted her. I am also currently on my period (as I said before) so I asked her if I should wait until my period stops and she said no, don't worry about that.

I went home and got onto my laptop and started researching the sh*t out of women who are virgins who have had transvaginal ultrasounds. The most common things that I came across was: 1. Make sure you tell the person doing the ultrasound that you are a virgin. 2. Ask for a female technician. 3. It is going to hurt. 4. It has to go in far enough to reach your cervix! Which is up to 15cm deep!

Flash forward to this morning. I ring the medical centre to make my appointment to get my ultrasound. I make my appointment for 1:15pm and they say "Make sure you drink 1 litre of water between 11:45 and 12:15. I'm like okay sure no worries. When I get there I forget to ask for a female technician. But before I can say or do anything, a MALE technician picks up my referral out of the box and calls my name. I'm thinking to myself its okay, you can do this! So he directs me to the room where I am going to be having my ultrasound. Asks me to please put my purse and phone on the chair (because I was holding them). Then he says okay please hop up onto the bed on your back. Now at this point I am kind of thinking "hang on a second, shouldn't he be asking me to take my pants and underwear off? How am I supposed to do it when I am already on this tiny little bed/table thing?" I look over to the machine while I am climbing up onto the bed (with my pants and underwear still on) and all I can see are the little ultrasound things that are used on an abdominal ultrasound. He asks me if I have ever had an external ultrasound before and I say "yes" (because I have). He starts to tell me what to expect e.g. the gel is going to be cold on your tummy blah blah blah. I'm getting confused thinking that this is not what I am supposed to be having done but also relieved that I am apparently not having to do the internal ultrasound. He then says that it looks like my bladder is not full enough and that I had 2 options. 1. I could wait until the litre of water that I had drunk previously makes it way into my bladder. (Which could take a while). 2. I could get the internal ultrasound (which he said I would probably need to get anyway if it came back with PCOS).

He said that it was completely up to me what I wanted to do. I thought to myself that I may as well get the internal done now rather than later and at least I will have something to show my doctor when I go back to see her tomorrow. So I tell him that we can do the internal ultrasound. He said okay and told me to remove my pants and underwear and to put on this disposable gown to cover myself with and then to lie back down on the table. He left the room while I changed and I decided that this was the appropriate time to take a quick snapchat to send to my friends. Because lets get real, I'm still a teenager. So I get changed and get back on the table. The technician comes back in and puts a pillow under my butt to tilt my pelvis. He explained everything to me that he was going to do. He didn't ask me if I was a virgin and I didn't tell him that I was. I figured that if I told him then he might refuse to do it and I really needed this ultrasound because I was in a lot of pain. I was surprisingly calm. I wasn't tensed up or anything. I think the fact that he was really nice and caring and explained everything to me helped as well. He lubed up the wand (which was probably about 20cm long), put a condomy thing on it and lubed that up too, and told me to tell him if it hurt and he would stop. So he started to put it in and then it hurt for like 2 seconds but before I could even say ouch, it was in and it didnt hurt anymore. The pain stopped straight away and then he started telling me that the image on the screen was my uterus, endometrium etc etc etc. He told me that he had to move it around a little and to tell me if he hurt me. It didnt hurt at all. It wasn't really that uncomfortable either. To be honest, the only part that was somewhat uncomfortable was when it was being removed. I looked at it when he took it out and my doctor definitely lied to me about how far in this thing goes. It definitely goes in much farther than 15cm. He gave me a tissue box to clean myself with and told me that he would meet me outside. So I cleaned myself up and went back outside and went home. 

Moral of the story: 1. It literally only hurt for like 1 second and then it was fine.  2. I think that you only really need to ask for a specific gender if you are uncomfortable.  3. I am very glad that I didnt tell him that I was a virgin. Also now I've got my virginity out of the way and is one less thing to worry about.

Anyway, each to their own and every experience is going to be different for everyone. 

I hope I may have helped some people by sharing my experience or maybe even just entertained some others with an interesting read.

Have a good day!

Any questions are welcome.