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Here's what has happened..
I just had my period 11/4 - 11/11/2010.
Period was normal and on time.

I woke up on November 18th, exactly a week from when I got off of my period and I was bleeding again. I am still bleeding and it is quite heavy, more than a normal period. I broke my celibacy on the night of November 13th, this was my first time having sex in 5 months. A condom was used and did not break. I am just wondering what could be happening?? Why am I on my period again?? Has anyone else ever had this happen?


It is not uncommon for periods to be irregular either too far apart or too close together, because your body is always adjusting its hormonal levels to the current situation in your life. Is this the first time that this had happened? Normally, menstrual cycle should be stable, but it definitely varies between women how far apart their periods are. But stressful events, anxiety and tough periods in your life are likely to cause disruptions of the cycle. Since you eliminated the possibility of pregnancy, perhaps it would be wise to visit a gynecologist again and think about taking some sort of oral contraceptive to adjust your hormonal levels.