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my periods are always on time every 30 days like clockwork but this month i finished my period on the thirteenth and i have started another period on the 20th this has never happened to me before is something wrong


Minor cycle irregularities are common. For example, you may have your period on day 23 of one month and then the next month on day 35.

You may, however, have a much more irregular cycle, in which case it is important that you have further investigations, so that other problems, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (see polycystic ovary syndrome section) can be ruled out. The following symptoms are characteristic of irregular periods, and you can experience a combination of any or all of these:

1. Large gaps with no periods
2. Some gaps and then periods coming too frequently for a while (for example, two in one month) followed by gaps again.
3. Gaps of no periods and then bleeding continuously for a few weeks.
4. Spotting in between period.