i had my period on the 18th of november (Ist day of cycle)...on 25th night there was a condom accident and i took emergency contraceptive pill (levonogestrel) on 26th...i have a 28 day cycle...but it may become 27 or 26 days once in a while...i got some bleeding (dark brown old blood) on 4th...it was very little...not a heavy flow but it continued till the 8th of december...was this a period?...yesterday (12th) again the condom slipped (;-( i know i should switch to some hormonal birth control method....i tried it for some time but i feel weird when on the pill n so stopped...anyway)...again i took emergency contraception....now my next period is due on 14th or 15th of dec....so should i expect it then...or was the bleeding i experienced on around 4th the period? if it was not then would the second EC screw up my cycle? (it already has gotten screwed up i guess)...i am totally confused...please reply....if i don't get my period around 15th shud i get a pregnancy test done?