ok, so last cycle, I decided to end my bc pills because they were making me sick, and sleepy in class (is 26 yrs, ~125 lb) my bf agreed that he would use condoms instead. Ok, so I see him only Saturday and Sunday. Our first Saturday (off pill) we had sex and I expected him to reach for a condom like we agreed but he didn't, I took plan b. Second Saturday (after promising he wouldt do it again) he did it again, I took plan b again. So this last Saturday I had already reminded him to reach for a condom and sooner than usual he was done but atleast he "pulled out" somewhat. did it two more times after that without him finishing, and the fourth time he pulled out again. TheN he asked if I would take the pill because of pre-cum. i told him I wouldn't take a third consecutive pill because they're not good for me. And Even though I know about the risk of pre-cum, I'm scared to have a third consecutive plan b in my system. I was kind of mad too. My period is due this weekend. I am feeling some PMS or plan b symptoms I guess :/ mild burning pain switching from left to right abdomen, back pain, left shoulder pain, lots of sleepiness and fatigue, hunger, lots and lots of hunger, and the infamous fricken sore breasts. I usually get sore breasts one week before my period, and it is now one week before my period. What are the odds of me being pregnant or not? Anyone with the same or similar problem? Hel