Me and my SO had unprotected sex about 3 days after my ovulation. He didn’t ejaculate in me, he actually didn’t at all. During the deed we stopped because we realized what we were doing and what could end up happening (baby) and he didn’t have a condom with him. I do know there was some Pre-Cum, but not much. I also know he mastrubated the night before but had peed multiple times afterwards. 

About 36 hours after I took Plan B

but since then I’ve had sore breasts and some nausea. (I’ve also gone off anti/depression pills at the same time as plan b) so these symptoms could be linked to those two things. 

I was also supposed to start my period today but have not yet  

so ive worried myself sick about pregnancy. Do you think there’s a high probability of pregnancy? Or am I just being paranoid?