I have been taking Yasmin for about 5 months now. I haven't missed a day, but sometimes I'm a few hours late taking my pill. This was the case this past month (September) but like I said I NEVER missed a day. I had sex around the time I was suppose to "ovulate" and then condom slipped. I took Plan B just to be safe and continued to take my regular Birth Control pill, Yasmin. I had sex yesterday(9/30), the condom broke, but he pulled out in time. Should I use plan B again or since it is so close to my period am I ok? I'm due to start my period today(10/1) and I have taken like 3 early pregnancy test, one this morning and they have all came back negative. I just would like to know what I should expect?!? Should I still get my regular period? If it is late, and I still don't get it by Saturday when I start my new pack, what should I do?