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hi, i am a 21 year old woman who recently been experienced dryness in my vaginal area. i cant get wet during sex or afterwards. it hurts more when im sexually active. i have been sexually active for almost six years, and this problem have just occurred since last year. i can't even stay moist after oral intercourse and once i have an orgasm it looks as if it's thick cottage cheese but i be in pain afterwards. what is wrong with my body?


A dry vagina can be lubricated easily. For additional lubrication for intercourse, use a water-soluble, starch-based lubricant (for example, KY jelly) or a vaginal moisturizer (for example, Sylk, Replens or Senselle) rather than a petroleum-based product like Vaseline, which may interfere with your natural secretions. Apart from Sylk (see Useful contacts), which is available by mail order and from some stockists, these products can all be bought from a pharmacy – you do not need a prescription. Sylk is a lubricant derived from an extract of kiwi fruit; obviously you should not use it if you are allergic to kiwi fruit. It has a non-sticky texture very similar to natural vaginal lubrication. Some lubricants damage condoms; Sylk, KY jelly, Replens and Senselle do not.

Sylk and KY jelly are used just before intercourse. Smear the product liberally over the vulval area, particularly round the opening of the vagina.

Replens and Senselle are moisturizers that you use two or three times a week. They coat the inside of the vagina with a non-hormonal moisturizer, which lasts for a day or two, so they do not have to be used immediately before intercourse.

Thrush is caused by the yeast Candida albicans. The main symptom of thrush is itching, but it can cause a thick, whitish discharge.

If your discharge is thick and white and itchy, it may be thrush, so you could try an anti-thrush cream or tablet from a pharmacist. However, do not persist with an anti-thrush cream from the pharmacist if it does not resolve the problem in a day or two, or if the discharge returns.