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I'm only 32 and I experience vaginal dryness during intercourse. I'm wet during foreplay and when we start intercourse, I get dry and it isn't fun at all. What is wrong???


Vaginal dryness is a comon problem for women during and after meno, but inadequate lubrication can be bothersome at any age. A thin layer of moisture always coats the vaginal walls but hormonal changes during your menstral cycle and also as you age can affect the amount and consistancy of this moisture. Decreased estrogen could play a part. Meno, perimeno, childbirth, douching and cigarette smoking are just a few. Vaginal health issues are another concern. Allergy and cold medications also antidepressents can be a factor. Try some over the counter lubricants, such as K-Y or Astroglide. Moisturizers such as Replens or Lubrin imitate normal vaginal moisture and can releive dryness for up to 3 days. Avoid douches containing vinegar or yogurt (shouldn't need to douch at all) hand lotion used for lube, no good, soaps and bubble baths are not a good idea either. (i use Johnson and Johnson bath bar just for my girl stuff) Extensive foreplay is key to help with dryness.