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Anal sex is a type of sexual intercourse which includes the insertion of penis into the anus and rectum. It can be practiced in heterosexual as well as in homosexual relationships. Furthermore, various tools can be used for anal penetration in order to give partner or yourself sexual pleasure.

Why the lubricant is needed?

As the anus and rectum do not contain natural lubricants, anal penetration can be painful and even non-achievable without additional lubrication. Younger and inexperienced persons often have these problems, but there are many techniques to make anal intercourse more easily performable. Muscle relaxation, different poses, and appropriate condoms are some of them, but proper amount of lubrication seems to be the most important factor. Possible consequences of lack of lubrication are the results of increased friction and include damage of anal mucosa, bleeding, irritation, condom damage, etc.

Types of anal lubricants and recommendations

There are many different lubricants on the market specially designed for this purpose, and they can mainly be found in sex shops and ordered online. It is not recommended to use improvised lubricants as they can have toxic effect on your skin and anal mucosa. It is recommended to always use condoms during anal intercourse, but inappropriate lubricants can damage condoms.

It has been shown that commercial latex condoms lose more than 90% of their strength if exposed for 60 seconds to mineral oils, which are the main components of hand lotions.

So, oil-based lubes are definitely not good for keeping condom strength. Some of the best lubricants that can be used for anal intercourse are water-based lubricants. They are considered safe and they do not trigger inflammation, irritation, and condom damage. Glycerin-based lubricants have been proven safe for anal sex and they do not affect the integrity of condoms. Some users also recommend silicon-based lubricants, although they can cause mild irritation in some cases.

With the appearance of internet stores, begun the expansion of new brands of lubricants. Before choosing a lubricant, do the Internet search carefully, and look for products that are tested and proved to be safe.

Safety issues

Never use the same condom for anal and vaginal sex.

One of the most important safety issues of man-woman anal sex is the risk of transmission of bacteria from anus to vagina. So before switching from anal to vaginal penetration, the condom should be changed as some of the bacteria that are normally present in anus and rectum are not welcome in vagina and can cause infection. It should also be mentioned that unprotected anal sex carries much higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) than vaginal sex.

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