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I lost my virginty to my boyfriend about 3 months ago. When that happened I contragted a yeast infection I was wondering if you can get on by having to much sex. And also it has reoccured again this month. is there some thing wrong should I see a doctor? I also would like to know what can cause one. Thank you for anwsering my questions.


Yes you can get it from too much sex but it's not likely. You'd probably have to do it a couple times a day everyday fro that to be the cause. It can also be caused by medicines you take, tight clothing, and douches.


Thrush is caused by the yeast Candida albicans. About 1 woman in 5 has Candida in her vagina without it causing any symptoms. Hormones in the vaginal secretions and the 'friendly' vaginal bacteria keep it at bay. Problems arise when this natural balance is upset, and the Candida multiply. This can happen:
during pregnancy
when you take antibiotics (because these get rid of the friendly bacteria)
if you have diabetes, especially if your blood sugar levels are consistently too high
if you wear tight, non-porous underwear, such as nylon knickers and tights (because Candida thrives in warm, moist conditions)
if the vulva or vagina is sore for any other reason, particularly if you scratch (because damaged tissue is more susceptible to Candida)
if you are ill for any reason
if you are taking any drugs, such as steroids, which lower the body's resistance to infection
True or false? (Myths about thrush)

The contraceptive pill causes thrush
Probably false. Doctors are still arguing about this, but there is very little evidence for it.

Thrush is always sexually transmitted
False. Women who are not sexually active can suffer from thrush. The Candida yeasts are already in the vagina, and they cause thrush when the body's natural balance that keeps it under control is upset.

Thrush always causes a discharge
False. Itching is the usual symptom of thrush - there is often no discharge at all, or just a slight discharge.

Thrush is very smelly
False. If there is an odour, it is minimal and not unpleasant.

Thrush can be prevented by douching the vagina
Very definitely false. Douching is squirting a soapy or antiseptic solution into the vagina to 'cleanse' it. There is no need to do this, because the vagina cleans itself very efficiently. In fact, douching has the opposite effect; it destroys the 'friendly' bacteria, gets rid of the healthy acidity and damages the lining, allowing thrush and other infections to take hold easily.

If your discharge is thick and white and itchy it may be thrush, so you could try an anti-thrush cream or tablet from a pharmacist. If your discharge has a different colour and/or is foul-smelling, you should go to a genito-urinary medicine clinic for a check-up. These clinics can do on-the-spot tests for most of the causes of vaginal discharge, and you can attend without a referral from your GP.Even if you are fairly sure it is thrush, don't persist with an anti-thrush cream from the pharmacist if it doesn't resolve the problem in a day or two, or if the discharge returns. See your doctor or go to a clinic to get a proper diagnosis.