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A vaginal discharge is very normal, discharges also keeps the vagina moist, keeps the vagina clean and maintains its normal PH. This is important to protect the vagina against bacterial infections. Normal vaginal discharge is transparent or slightly white, without aggressive odor. 

The discharge and secretions also provide lubrication, which makes intercourse easier and more enjoyable, due to the reduction in tension and dryness.

However, the vagina will become more moist and 'wet' as a result of hormonal changes. These include but are not limited to:

  • immediately before menstruation
  • during ovulation, when there is an increase in the ovulatory secretions that come from the cervical glands.

Additionally, there is usually a spike in estrogen levels at around the time of ovulation as well that communicate to the glands to produce even more secretions. In some women as well, their secretory glands are larger than other women's.' In the old days gynecologists even froze and destroy the cervical glands just to avoid this excessive wetness from the secretions.

Overall, a large percentage of women feel 'wet' and experience very moist discharge on a daily basis, so you are not alone. Our bodies are different; some people salivate more than others for example. It is very normal, and there should be no cause for concern. Unless, this discharge is 'leaking' and literally dripping and running down your legs, and even worse: it is accompanied by discomfort such as pain, itching, redness, swelling, green or grayish mucus or discharge, and foul, fishy odor.

If this is not the case, remember that although it is annoying, remember it is also a good thing, since the vaginal walls are constantly getting washed by the secretions. This can be beneficial if you are planning a pregnancy and for sexual intercourse as well. Being moist and hydrated can help to facilitate and 'wash' the sperm further up to and closer to the uterus. Many women, especially women experiencing menopause, tend to have the opposite condition. They tend to get very dry. Not only is this painful, it makes sex extremely difficult, impossible for some.

So in many ways, this is an advantage. Your condition could possibly be an indication that you are naturally and regularly sexually highly aroused, in-tune, and balanced than other women. It is a definite advantage, if it not affecting your life in a major way.

The fact that you are so lubricated means that your vagina will always be prepared for sex so your partner can penetrate with ease during intercourse. You will not have to use lubricants, which some women are allergic to, and in some cases can affect sperm if you trying to conceive. Fresh and natural is always best in such cases. You can also try wearing panty liners or undergarment with thicker and extra inner lining in the vaginal area.

However, one can certainly understand the anxiety and inconvenience this may cause, so if the situation becomes extremely uncomfortable, unmanageable intolerable, and gets to the point where it is seriously affecting your everyday, and social life, and is just simply debilitating; then it is time to speak to your family doctor or gynecologist. He or she will be able to investigate further, and will be able to rule out other possibilities and your mind will be more at ease. He or she can also prescribe medications if and when it is necessary. This is rare however, since in most cases, the condition is hormonal, completely normal, and becomes less of nuisance overtime.

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