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People often think that if a woman needs to use a lubricant, there is some problem with her vaginal secretion or vaginal mucosa. This is a common misconception because it cannot be expected and it is certainly not the case that the vagina will always produce just enough vaginal secret to make sexual intercourse comfortable. Many factors that cannot be kept under control all the time can affect this, such as dehydration, stress, hormonal changes, medications, arousal, etc. Women in menopause and men and women practicing anal sex are just some of the cases in which the use of lubricant is required.

Vaseline Composition

Vaseline is a product which consists of petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly contains a mixture of various organic compounds and minerals, and it has been used for more than 100 years for various purposes, such as wound healing, skin moisturizing, and skin lubrication during sports activities to avoid friction. Using Vaseline as a lubricant for sex has its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s check the most important of them.

Benefits of Using Vaseline as a Sex Lube

Vaseline is very gentle to the skin and mucosa, and it really does a good work when it comes to lubrication. Its chemical properties make it resistant to water, meaning that it does not dissolve in moist conditions. People who have problems with irritation caused by glycerin don’t have to worry about it, because Vaseline does not contain glycerin.

Vaseline adheres to the mucosal surface, and it will not slip off, which is a great property when it comes to sexual intercourse.

Finally, Vaseline is very affordable and you can find it in local stores and pharmacies, and even order it online.

Drawbacks of Using Vaseline as a Sex Lube

As we said earlier, Vaseline consists of petroleum jelly. Petroleum damages the structure of latex, so Vaseline cannot be used with latex condoms. That is a huge drawback because most condoms are made of latex. There are some latex-free condoms though and they are usually used by persons who are allergic to latex.

Vaseline is hard to clean. Although its adherence to the skin and mucosal surface is a great property during sex, it is pretty hard to remove all of it after the intercourse. If you decide to use Vaseline, you will need more time to wash it off.

According to studies, fungal and bacterial infections and bacterial vaginosis are more common in women using Vaseline as a lubricant. This is related to the previous issue of its strong adherence, and if not washed off well, it creates a comfortable environment for pathogenic microbes.

The effectiveness of Vaseline as a sexual lubricant is good, but not perfect, in comparison to other, water-based and silicone-based lubricants.

Vaseline is not a perfect option as a lubricant for anal sex. First of all, it is always advised to use a condom for anal sex, and we already know the conflict between the Vaseline and latex condoms. Furthermore, anus does not have its own lubrication like vaginal mucosa, and therefore Vaseline may not be enough to make the anal intercourse pleasurable enough.

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