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Hey guys the first time I got my period I was 13 and didn't get it again until I was 14. Since then I'd say its been pretty regular. Sometimes it'd be a few weeks late but never three months late. I've recently become sexually active but took 3 tests, all which came out negative. The only pregnancy symptoms I have are sore breasts but at the same time I know that is a sign of an upcoming period. I've been drunk multiple times and done MDMA twice since the last time I had sex so even if I was pregnant I'd assume that might have ended the pregnancy. HELP?!  


Did you take the pregnancy test in the morning using your first urine of the day? If not you need to retest using it with the first urine because it contains a higher amount of hcg hormones and will give you a more accurate result on the home pregnancy test. Taking drugs can cause your period to be delayed or even stop. Also drinking to the point your getting drunk and doing it multiple times can effect your period. If your going to live life drinking yourself to death and doing drugs please get on some kind of birth control AND use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy. If you are pregnant you could of done some serious damage to the baby and really need to get checked out by your doctor right away.