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I am 20 years old my boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for a couple months now. I am a week late for my period, (I believe I ovulated around the 17th of February, and that's the night we had sex)  I am having really sore, swollen, sensitive breasts, more tired each day, nausea here and there with occasional vomiting, lower back pain - that sometimes becomes unbearable :/ to the point where I need to take the elevator instead of the stairs, and occasional urge to use the bathroom more and more, strange cravings for chicken, broccoli a wide variety of fresh fruit,  and putting ketchup on a lot of things sometimes in excess amounts.. I went into the clinic yesterday they did a urine test on me and it was negative :( but still the symptoms continue. I am never this late. I have done research stating that women can do multiple Urine Tests and yet they come out negative through out  their entire pregnancy. But yet a blood test was the only thing that could prove the pregnancy. Just wondering if anyone has ever had this happened to them?  any advice on what I should do from here? I mean the doctor told me that the urine and blood test else would show the same result which by my research isn't necessarily true. Any ideas anyone? Go to another doctor? Wait longer? Please if anyone has had this same thing happen to them and may share their stories and advice with me it would be very much appreciated!


My suggestion is to wait another week and retest with a home pregnancy test. In some women it can take a few weeks to build up enough HCG hormone that a pregnancy test can pick up on. Make sure you test in the morning with your first urine of the day when your urine has the highest level of hcg hormone in it. If still negative and no period go get a blood test. Blood test are more accurate and can pick up on smaller amounts of HCG hormone. If your doctor is unwilling to do a blood pregnancy test I suggest seeing another doctor. There are a few other reasons for a missed period like stress. When trying for a baby it can become stressful causing your period to be late. Good Luck and I wish you Baby Dust :-)