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Lemme get to the point....

My period was supposed to come anywhere from the 18th-20th of this month, as it has for the last six months.

It has not. I hadn't even noticed until yesterday, the 22nd...


I have had unprotected sex(using the withdrawl method) about 3 times this month(June)...not a lot right?

Once on the 5th of June. (We were drunk >.< ) Once on the 18th and again on the 21st(This was possibly why I hadn't noticed the lack of my period...SEX!)

Because there is a limited window of time for pregnancy to occur, I decided,  'Hey, let's see if it's possible BEFORE I completely freak out.'

ANYWAY. I did some research. There are A LOT of Pregnancy/Ovulation/Due Date calculators online...perhaps not entirely accurate, but they could be pretty close, right?

I entered my info, such as:

First Day of my last period: May 20th 2011

Length of my Menstrual Cycle(From the start of one period to the start of the next): 31 days(exactly, I counted 6 months back)


And what I learned was that I was very likely at my HIGHEST FERTILITY on June 5th (You might remember this date because it was the day I had drunk, unprotected sex...)

I likely ovulated the 6th of June

It also informed me if I hadn't gotten my period yet, as of today, I should take a pregnancy test.

This was when I got a wee bit nervous.

SO I went down and bought one I could afford, this was the "Answer" Brand... yeah this was the first I had heard of it...

For $7 bucks, it came with 3...I took one almost immediately in the store bathroom.

I was really, really nervous...hands shaking, trying to correctly pee on a stick that would change my life. O.o

Not sure if I did it right, or if I waited long enough, but I saw ONE sinlge pink line (NOT PREGNANT) Tossed it and ran.

I got home and did more research...of course.

I read about false negatives, that you should use first morning urine or urine that had been held in your bladder for AT LEAST 4 hours, and that excessive drinking of water could dilute your urine too much for the stick to read it right.

Well I had peed an hour before I took the test, and my only beverage is water, I drink a glass every hour at least.

SO I attempted to hold my bladder for 4 hours and not drink too much water...I was thirsty and after about 30 mins I was doing the pee pee dance...

I held it for 3 hours, took the test using the cup method this time. Made sure it was submerged for 5 secs and I waited 4 minutes to even look at it.

Again, it was Negative.

I've decided to wait a couple of days and take the last test when I first wake up. Just to be sure.



How likely is it that I am actually pregnant and the first two tests were wrong?







You sound very bright and you have done your research well. First of all: don't panic. Most pregnancy test are unreliable in the first few weeks of pregnancy although there are some that claim to be less so. You DO need early-morning urine to make sure there's enough hormone present in the sample to tell. It is possible that you are pregnant but it is also possible that you are anxious about having drunken, unprotected sex. (Are you going to do this again??) If your period is more than two weeks late you very well may be pregnant. But it's perfectly normal for there to be some fluctuations in your cycle, especially if you are under stress, and I think this situation sounds stressful for you. If your period doesn't come, test again at three-four weeks - but you may need to look at the different brands online to find one that's good for early detection. There are so many that I can't recommend a brand, but I'll say this: don't wreck your life for the want of a couple of dollars. Meanwhile, try to get a grip, think about how this happened, exercise and relax to help you with the stress, and use your very good brain to consider how you might avoid putting yourself through this in the future. There ARE "morning after pills" but they are NOT a good answer, it's not a solution. If you're pregnant, you'll need a plan. If you're not, I think a little reflection is in order. Best of luck, in any case - and kind regards.


I've done alot of reading up on being late with negative HPT's and from what I've seen there is a big mix of women who test positive on the day of their missed period and women who don't test positive until they are a good 6 weeks along. You could have ovulated later than usual which would explain the late period or your body just isn't making enough Hcg to be picked up in a urine test yet. Also alot of the at home tests arent sensitive enough to pick up small levels in early pregnancy. I say wait a few more days and test again if still no AF and definatly try to use FMU.  I'm doing the waiting game myself right now. 7 days late and i got a negative test a few days ago and still no af here. This is the fun nerve racking part where we get to wait for af or those 2 lines. Good luck and let everyone know how things turn out for you


Go to a doc n get a blood test. They are more accurate then urine test. But i think by now you probably know if it's yey or ney