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My husband and i have been ttc for 2 months so far. I am 20 and he is 23. I am 4 days late and having cramping on and off. Sometimes its dull and sometimes it hurts really bad. Ive been late, sometimes even by weeks before. But i am questioning pregnancy because even though its not uncommon for me to be late ive never had cramping while i was late. Whenever i start cramping i almost immediatly start my period either that day or the next. My period is now 4 days late and im still cramping but no sign of aunt flow. I tested 2 days late and got a big fat negative. Can anybody give me some advice as to what is going on?


Since your periods are irregular its hard to know if it would be pregnancy or period. Give it another week and if still no period retest. Make sure you take the test in the morning using your first urine of the day. It will have the most HCG hormone levels in it giving you a more accurate home pregnancy test. If still negative I suggest making an appointment with your doctor to do a blood pregnancy test. They are more accurate than the home pregnancy test and can detect smaller amounts of HCG hormone in your body if your pregnant.  If the cramping becomes extremely painful make sure to go to your doctor right away because you could be having a cyst burst, ectopic pregnancy, tubal pregnancy, etc. In those cases your better to know sooner than later. Good Luck and I wish you Baby Dust :-)