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Okay so me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex February 16th i am now 16 or 17 days late i took one text and it came put negative could i be pregnant and should i take another test?


If your period is due around the 1st of the month then having unprotected sex on Feb. 16 could of been a day around your ovulation time frame. Did you take the home pregnancy test in the morning with your first wake up urine? If not retest using your morning urine because it contains higher levels of hcg hormone. Have you recently started or stopped any medications? Have you put on or taken off a lot of weight recently? Did you start working out vigoriously? Are you under a lot of stress? All of these plus several other reasons can cause your period to be delayed. If you still get a negative urine test you can go to your doctor and have them do a blood pregnancy test. The blood test is more accurate and can detect lower levels of the hcg hormone. Good Luck