i'm on sprintec 28 day birth control,i stared my period on aug.26th,got off the 30th.my baby daddy & i had unprotected intercourse on the 31st of this month.i started my period on sept.20th & got off on the 24th,instead of starting on the 23rd.& getting off on the 27th.my baby daddy & i had unprotected intercouse on the 30th.of that month.could there be a possibility i'm pregnant.my breast have been hurting & are starting to look & fill fuller,just stared bowl movementms on the 30th regularly again,stomach feel's crampy & bloated,feel pressure on my pelvic & like i gotta pee alot,often do pee alot,woke up at 2:45 this morning feelin nausea,still up feeling nausea & have peed 5 time's since i've been up,my lower back has been hurting,still does,our soon to be 8 month old daughter on the 12th of this month has been clingy to me more than usually,she started being clingy 2 wk's before my period in sept.& hasn't stopped.hopefully someone has responded by the time i get off the couch,go pee,wipe,wash my hand's & come back.pls. & tnx.