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Hi there! If anyone could help me or give me any advice that would be great because I've been panicking about this for the past few days...


Basically me and my boyfriend (we're both almost 18) have been in a relationship for just under a year now and we've always been really careful and resposible when it comes to sex. We've discussed our feelings about what would happen if I ever fell pregnant by accident and we've always been very careful about using protection.


However, a couple of days ago we were fooling around. I had given him a ha****b and he had got some of the cum on his hand/fingers. He then fingered me, with it still on his hand/fingers. I know sperm dies if it is in contact with oxygen for a small amount of time, however my boyfriend fingered me pretty much immediately after he had got the cum on his hand so I doubt it was in contact with the air for very long.


We didn't think anything of it until the following morning when I woke up with a really tight feeling in my lower abdomen, almost like period cramps but not quite as bad. This tight feeling stayed over the next couple of days and I also began to suffer from nausea, feelings of intense hunger (which is fairly unusual for me), needing to pee way more often then normal, headaches and exhaustion. I've also noticed that my lower abdominal area feels a lot more solid than usual and is uncomfortable to push on.


I checked the dates and that night we were fooling around was right in the middle of my "fertile" week (or whatever you call it!). I've been reading stories similar to this online and I'm starting to worry that I might be pregnant. My periods not due for another week yet so I won't know for sure until then, but I have a feeling all this stress I've been under would probably delay my period anyway! The symptoms I've been having are really unusual for me so I don't think they're being caused by my oncoming period.


Is there a possibility that I am pregnant? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! x


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