I'll start off by saying as I often do, I had trouble sleeping last night so I moved to the floor of my bedroom to lay for a while. after some time, i began feeling very strange, like a mild sense of anxiety. i noticed an irony taste in my mouth so i immediately got up to look in the bathroom mirror.

everything seemed fine, but next thing i know, i was shaking like a leaf, but i didn't feel cold at all. my muscles seemed very tightened, and i laid down, freaking out quite a bit. i didn't recall feeling anything like this before, so i was starting to get a bit paranoid thinking maybe i was having a heart attack or something. then i started rationalizing that it was probably an anxiety attack of some sort and i just needed to try and keep calm. at one point i even had a very tight, painful feeling in my head, and then i thought the more familiar high fever symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting might've occured, but they never did.

after some hours, it just felt like it was disappearing completely, and i was left with a headache and some occasional very minor muscle aches. i do live in Florida, the possibility of this being caused by a bug bite came to mind. i was lying on my stomach with no shirt on, so i checked this first, and sure enough there were two tiny red dots there.

so could a bite really have caused this? there's absolutely no pain or swelling at the site, i mean even an ant or bee sting makes it look like nothing. but its the unmistakable double pin prick of a spider bite, thats for sure.