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I do not wear a ring on my ring finger;

left ring finger suddely started itching; I rubbed it a few times wsithout looking; then it kept itching, feeling tight; ;I looked at it - it is now red, swollen and very tight feeling; no other fingers are involved.

I do not have a spider bite ;
I do have diabetes, neuropathy, neuroma,
take Januvia, synthroid (hypothyroidism); altace adn triamterene for high blood pressure - which has been adn stays under control;
I also singulair at bedtime for allergies etc.

there are no streaks yet, at least.

it happened so suddenly - have no idea why; can you help.



I have to say that this is rather strange. You have this only on one finger? I suppose that you wash your hand regularly and there is no chance that this is from having dirty hands?

It doesn’t have to be a spider bite, but it could be that you pinched yourself or got pricked by some sharp object. Do you remember anything that you were doing prior to the swelling and itching?

If this is an allergic reaction, which was my first guess when I looked at this post, it should’ve spread to other finger and your palm, but you haven’t mention this so I presume that there are no redness or blister on your hand?