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Wednesday around 11am i got bite by my house cat on my index finger on my right hand. About 12 hours later i noticed my hand was tight and swollen and red, with two red lines running from the top of my hand up my forearm straight to my arm pit. I didnt think much too it so i hit the hay and woke up the next day and i couldnt even close my hand, at the spot where the teeth went in was really red and full of puss, so i squeezed as much as i could out without crying like a big ol sissy. Never went to seek help from the Babylonian doctors. So by 2000 hours thursday night i took a aloe vera leaf and dranked all the liquid from the one leaf and also rubbed it on my hand, finger, and arm up to my pit. Rolled a splif of marrocain hash for the pain, two hours after rolled another splif, but this time of homegrown ganja to help with the inflamation, the hit the hay. Woke up this morning, still a tad bit pain full but its supportable to the point that i can touch up to a squeeze without pain pain, u know? All the redness of my hand is gone, i can close my hand about 70% more then last night, and about a good 95% of the swelling has gone away. I never had shots from the doctors, my health is normal, not fat or skinny, and my diet is of anything really. And not to mention that two days ago i was bite very deep by my cat and had all the bad symtumbs of the worst of the worst that could happen with a cat bite, but two days later i dont share the same story as the people who go to  get pumped full of bs that dont even work, and not to mention all the side effects. Me i go by this saying, "I rather suffer from an injury or illness, rather then suffer from the treatment." No side effects and my deep cate bite that was effected is all well, simply from two plants where one is forbidden by the same people wanting to get paid by the pain of your body. Sad, but what i say is 100% true and im glade to share it with all.


thank you this will help lots

(i have a very vicious cat and nothing seems to work )