My history
9 month ago total hysterectomy due to discomfort a pudunculated tumor
on the outside of my uterus. Adbomanal surgery due to the size and placement of the tumor. Kicked my ass, long recovery. Oh yeah, tumor non cancer. Last week driving home from the beach, 10 min. after a burger and frys I felt horrid. Started vomitting and feeling urges to go. When we stopped counldn't go, not even gas would escape, I thought I was going to explode. Vomited for 6 hours. Worst drive home from the beach ever! Now I am left with very severe low pelvic pain, Feels like I'm sitting on a water ballon and when I get up from a sitting postions the balloon streches and snaps into place with a great deal of pain. Pressure. Iiv been down on all 4's rocking trying to get the pain to past.
Yesterday I had enough so after 2 glycerin suppositories, 3 Tbsp. of Milk of Mag. and 3 stool softeners and next to nothing. It hurts when I walk, stand up and definatley when I sneez. Sounds dificult to find help for this.