The other day I had a slight cramp not to bad that I couldn't handle, I have not really felt nauseous but sometimes I will get the feeling of throwing up but not actually do it. I have been constipated for a few days, I can do it but it takes some time to do so... I Am supposed to get my period in about 7 days, As of today I had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend, In the beginning it did not hurt that Much Only every few pushes, After awhile During the end It started hurting really bad Almost like a knife, He stopped But after I could not sit down, Cough, laugh, Walk or take steps without feeling discomfort, or pain. It's now about 6 hours and I still have pain But not as bad unless I cough, Laugh.. Also If I have full bladder I feel fine although it still is discomfiting but after I pee I get the same knife feeling. I have been peeing a lot lately. Is it pregnancy or could it be something else ? Please help.