I had an ablation 18 months ago, I have not had a period since which has been great.  Prior to this I was very healty as all my blood work would support.  Since the ablation I have gain weight 20lbs to be exact.  I am 50 years old and had always been able to maintain a weight of about 130.  I was tracking my food and keeping my calorie intake to 1300, running on the tread mill 4 miles a day and doing 1 hour of pilates a day and yet gained this weight.  I attributed the gain to getting older, but was diagonsed with low thyroid this week and put on a medicine they tell me I will have to take for life.  And I am pissed.  So I have done a lot of research about the thyroid and believe the ablation change my hormones which up set the thyroid and how it functions with the rest of my body.  Currenty looking any help as I am hoping to avoid the thyroid medicine.  Thanks