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During the month of December my husband and I had a very active sex life into the early part of January. My periods fluctuate between 29 -35 days apart, but otherwise normal. This month was different.

I had spotting for a few days before my period (which has been normal to me for the past 6 mos. or so) and then started my period on the 13th of January which was the expected time. It was a little lighter then expected (light and brownish in color), but lasted for 12 days and ended on the 24th. My periods usually only last 4-5 days. My husband and I had sex on the 26th and I started to spot on the 27th and have so now for 3 days. It is VERY light spotting and I only notice it when I whip and it is brown in color. (I took a pregnancy test on the 28th and it was negative). I have had a mild lower back ache and very slight nausea from time to time for 3 days as well....

any suggestions here?


I recently came off evra patch after around 7 years, had my withdrawal bleed and calculated a standard 28 day cycle for next period (25/05/17).
I'm now 5 days late and having a few symptoms of pregnancy- sore nipples, backache, cramping for the last week and mood swings. Did 2 tests over the weekend and both negative. Did clearblue test this evening and it looks like an extremely faint poisitive (not sure if it's an evaporation line but was within the 10 mins) but boots own came back negative a couple of hours later tonight. Is it possible I'm pregnant or is this my body adjusting to not being on the patch?

Thanks :)