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Im a little confused as my period has always been regular since i first started having it but this month its all messed up and im not sure if the cause is pregnancy or something else.

My last period was january 26 (lasted 5 days which is what its always been for me) and i have normal 28 day cycle so my next period should have been around somewhere around february 23-25.

Based on my calculations my ovulation should have been around february 11. I did an ovulation test on february 10 and the test showed i was fertile. Me and my boyfriend had sex february 9, 10, 12 and 19.

I had some bleeding on february 26th but it wasnt like usual, it was more like spotting, very light, brownish color, no dark red and only lasted one day.

Then, February 27 and 28 i caught the stimach flu, and my period was completely gone during those days, but then on the 29th i had a little bit of pinkish blood when wiping but not enough to wear a pad.

Im confused even more now because my boyfriend and i had sex March 7 and then shortly after we did, i had spotting, that continued on march 8 and march 9, stopped by the afternoon of march 9th. again very light bleeding, brownish color and not enough to wear a pad.

Can all of this weird bleeding be caused because i was sick during the time i was suppose to have my period or can this be breakthrough or implantation bleeding?

The pregnancy test (clearblue and first repsonse) came back negative, but im so confused that im not sure if im testing too early or not.

Any kind of help would be much appreciated!




Go to your doctor and take a blood test to know for sure.


I did, it came out negative too, but my doctor isnt ruling out pregnancy, she says it might be too early, thats why i was seeking to see if anyone had answersor help on here, because according to my calculation, it would be weird that the test come out negative unless i have low level of hcg or unless my ovulation test was wrong on the 10th and i actually ovulated closer to the 19th