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Okay so I had my period about a week and a half ago it was for the most part short and sweet as normal then when it ended i had horrible cramps for about two hours and it stoped. Then two days ago i had the same cramps for about fifteen minutes i didnt even want to move a few hours later i went to the bathroom and my period returned. Only this time its crazy heavy, i bought the best over night pads i usualy only change like 4 to 5 hours now its soaking wet by the hour . With lage clups of blood coming out and randomly pours out when i stand or sit sometimes. I am only twenty two so i dont see what it could be.. Helppp i don't have insurance


Hi there, if this continues for a long period of time or experience any lightheadedness or fainting you must go to the ER as it could mean you have lost too much blood.  Before you had your last period did you have unprotected sex at all - was there a chance you were pregnant and that you suffered a natural miscarriage?  There is not much you can do for heavy bleeding unless if you have some birth control pills and take like 5 or so of them, this is what the ER would tell me to do to get the bleeding to stop or slow down (which usually worked).  Good luck and hope this helps

If you have any pain take some XS ibuprofen or aleve and heating pad or hot water bottle on the tummy helps