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okay, so im 16 and i had sex with my boyfriend from one yeaar ago and we have had sex like twice and ive always had my period after that which this was all a year ago, welll with my  new boyfriend i just had sex with him tuesday. and it was protected nothing go into me or anything. and me and my friend have the same cyle and she started saterday and ive started the same day as her for like three months but i didnt start. my boyfriend told me he hadnt got anything in me and he was waring a condom. but i kinda started bleeding just alittle bit like two days after for like a day or so. and i couldnt sleep at all last night i just kept tossing and turning and my breast hurt and i sometimes have backaches. for a hour or so. and i am having discharge. so idk whats going on. im i just late because i havent had sex in like almost over a year. or is it bad my period is late, am i stressing out to much? help please.


Hi Crazy,

If you had sex on Tuesday, and expected your period on Saturday it is VERY UNLIKELY that you will get pregnant.

The egg is only viable about 48 hours after ovulation, which normally occurs sometime between days 11-16 of your cycle.  You had sex on day 24.  The egg would not be viable.

Sometimes you can be late, it just happens.  Stress won't help.

Give it a few days to see if your period starts.  If no period in another 8-10 days, test.  You need to wait a minimum of 2 weeks after having sex, 3 weeks would be better, before the tests are accurate.

Again, I think it unlikely that you are pregnant.

Hope it helps.