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Had a question, my 12 year old daughter unfortunately was having trouble with her monthly cycle, cramps, heavy bleeding etc.  So I took her to the same gynocologist that I go to after her pediatrition recommended it to see if their was anything they could do and or recommend.  The doctor recommended Aviane.  But as a mother who went through the same thing at her age for many years, I am reluctant to put my daughter on birth control, especially at the age of 12.  So this has raised a red flag for me.  Is their an age recommended for this or does it not matter?


Really, no.  There is no age limit on birth control.  I am 38 and when my periods started they started the same way as your daughter and stayed with me my entire life until last year with my godsend hysterectomy.

My mom didn't want to put me on birth control either.  That means I had to deal with it but it got a lot worse too.  Eventually to the point that I bled so much I would have to go to the ER to stop bleeding and narcotics for the severe pain of cramping that ran down my legs and a tight stomach.  Some months were good and lots were bad.

I know it's not what you want to hear but either put her on them and they may work (nothing worked for me or was only a short term solution until DEPO PROVERA took my periods away completely) or they may not.  At 12 she'll have to play around with what will work for her pain and cramps.  Heating pad on the abdomen or hot water bottle and legs too if leg pain.  Ibuprofen, Aleve, also Tylenol #1's OTC at a pharmacy works too.

Hope this helps and good luck