Im 19 years old. Im the type to have 2-5 days of my period and just til recently in Jan 2013 Ive been experiencing unusual and scary menstrual cycles.

I started Jan 23 and ended Feb 8. I had very heavy bleeding which is not normal for me and passing large blood clots and soaking thru my tampons. During that time i went to a free clinic and they took a pregnancy test it came back negative and they said it was probably just a bad period to wait it out and come back if anything. 11 days later Feb 20 I started my period which lasted 4 days.

On March 3 I started yet another period it didnt end til April 7th. During that month long period I had heavy abnormal bleeding and even more large blood clots. I went up 2 sizes in tampons but it was still soaking almost every 2 hours.

2 weeks later April 24 I started my period just as bad as my last two periods. I am 27 days into this period and have not stopped bleeding yet.

I dont have medical insurance. Help ? Miscarriage? Or bad Periods?