LAst month around the 8th thats usually when i get my period...i did and after my period i started birth control and i stopped wihtin a week with taking it becuase it was making me feel sick after stop takin it i got my period within 2 days AGAIN i had my period which felt like any other period. Now, about 2 days ago i got my period and it was very unusual becuase i didnt feel any bloating, breakouts or mood swings. Now, i had really bad CRAMPS and my blood was like a pinkish redish color its usually a brown right before i start my period. My cramps were really bad and the bleeding was heavy for the first day. Then the bleeding started to have a bad odor to it and wasnt heavy at all and yesterday i was constant having to pee. Yesterday the bleeding stopped and today it started back up again with a more darkish red. My cramping started up again today and it's very unusual becuase i only cramp the first day. I'm not sure why my period is acting this way i could be just having a FREAKY period.

Of course my boyfriend and i were having unprotected sex almost everyday after my period, and i herd its hard to get pregnant through that time. I'm not sure whats wrong.

I took a pregnancy text about a week ago and it did say i was negative.