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hi. me and my boyfriend both 16 had indulged in just foreplay but to avoid risk i took pill 72 an hour after.we again indulged in foreplay after 4 days, but this time i didnt take the pill.the next day i just bled a little.but my periods are due after 15days
why did this happen?he had inserted his finger in me.
am i pregnant?
plese reply soon
i am really worried.



you cant get pregnant !!!! from your boyfriend just inserting a finger!!! i'm assuming you both know the facts of life and that this is not possible, if not i suggest you both find out before you engage in a sexual relationship. with regards to bleeding afterwards, the following day maybe he nicked the inside of you with a finger nail.. it happens when one is young and inexperienced, practice makes perfect!!!!! and im sure you couldnt possible be pregnant if you say that you had no intercourse , so a late period may just an irregular cycle. hope this helps