A new study has been published in the August issue of the journal Archives of Dermatology about negative effects of the popular acne drug Accutane.
Previously it has been found that the drug is causing birth defects in pregnant ladies and has been linked to suicidal thoughts. The new research is suggesting that. Accutane seems to raise cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body.
The generic isotretinoin that is being sold as Accutane had raised triglyceride fat levels in 44 % of patients that previously had normal levels and total cholesterol in 31 % of the users. However, the label on the drug states triglycerides had been risen in 25% of the patients and cholesterol in only 7%.
13,772 cases of isotretinoin users have been examined and their medical records assessed. The median age was 19 and the treatment lasted 21 weeks. The results showed that the drug rose triglyceride and cholesterol levels much more than previously thought. Raised triglyceride and cholesterol levels open doors to heart attacks and strokes, so the drug could be labeled as dangerous.
Side effects are something that goes along with all the drugs due to their inability to target just the diseased tissue. Many doctors try to treat the side effects by prescribing more drugs further leading to more side effects. There is also a way to treat high triglyceride and cholesterol levels by prescribing drugs known as the statins.
The drug’s manufacturer spokesman recommends careful monitoring of the patients using the drug.