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Alcohol and Accutane: A Toxic Combination

By now you should be aware that mixing medications of any kind with alcoholic beverages of any kind is just not a wise thing to do. For example, the drug Accutane is a very potent medication that is typically used to treat severe acne. Used as recommended however, the drug is a very effective. That said, like most, this medication can cause many potentially serious side effects. As such, it is critical that if you are taking Accutane, you stay informed, comply with your doctor's orders, and make certain you are closely monitored by your doctor.

'Combining Effects': When in Doubt?

Currently, researchers or your doctor are still not sure about all the possible effects alcohol could have on Accutane. Their 'combining effects,' because they are still not fully known is just one reason why it is best to steer clear of alcohol while taking Accutane.

Doing so could be very fatal for you, and less fatal for others. For example, while the drug can cause serious liver damage, in others, depending on a number of factors, and if detected in a timely manner, they could still have a chance at a good prognosis and recovery.

The point? Fairly simple actually: Since 'No one size fits all,' it is a dangerous chance to take. One that is certainly not worth the risks. Unknown effects could also manifest later on in the future-so play it safe.

Effects of Alcohol and Other Side Effects

  • The hardcore, very powerful drug Accutane can cause serious liver toxicity, and so combining it with alcohol, recreational drugs or other medications will also exacerbates any liver-related and other pre-existing conditions you could already have. The drug can affect your liver in other ways. As a result of its potency, is recommended you DO NOT consume alcohol while taking Accutane.
  • Alcohol is processed in the liver. Therefore, since Accutane is already hard on the liver, it is best to avoid alcohol. Accutane is best and should be taken as intended: Not with alcohol, and with informed consent of its potential serious implications and effects.
  • Since alcohol is a depressant, combining alcohol with Accutane, is a major 'NO-NO." Especially since Accutane itself can also cause major depression that can lead to suicide, in some users as well.
  • Combining alcohol can also cause major alterations in the blood lipids, and other important chemicals in the body.

Monitoring Works Best With Honesty

Since Accutane can be potentially harmful; it is critical that while you are taking the medication you are monitored and managed constantly by your dermatologist or prescribing doctor. He or she will request blood tests regularly to ensure your liver is not being compromised.

You should also take all the recommended precautions seriously and ask your doctor questions as they arise while you are taking Accutane. Also, if you are planning on, or you are already taking supplements, herbs, and other medications, please speak to your doctor, to avoid even further liver toxicity or other interactions.

Honesty Is Effective And Is Always The Best Policy

Whatever you do- and especially if you are consuming alcohol with Accutane; BE TRUTHFUL-NEVER LIE to your doctors. Being honest with your doctor, is the only way he or she will be able to effectively help you before it is too late. To be treated safely and effectively however; you MUST be HONEST with your doctor, which means:

  • Sharing with your doctor, any and all your medical conditions, especially pre-existing liver and kidney conditions. He or she will monitor you even more closely, and will be able to decipher from your blood tests, if you are showing any evidence of baseline trouble with your liver. If this is the case, you will be strictly PROHIBITED from consuming alcohol of any kind, and depending on the extent, your doctor will discuss further options and alternatives available to you.
  • Read and follow your doctor's instructions, and AVOID ALCOHOL while on the medication.

Final Words of Wisdom

Remember: your prescribing doctor is the one who knows your case best and is in the best position to answer your questions. Please see him or her soon and remember to share ALL RELEVANT DETAILS HONESTLY!

A review of your medical history will allow your doctor to better determine your risk level, and what is best for you. Therefore, when in doubt, do not hesitate. Speak to your doctor, and as always- whatever you do- Just play it safe.

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