I've been on the Depo-Vera shot since last november. I didn't notice anything or any bleeding for the first 4 months. But ever since early march I've been having irregular bleeding and spotting like crazy. I've been getting bad cramps and EXTREMLY moody. I get in blue moods, depressed, and deflated self-esteem. I get really upset. I have an extremly loving boyfriend, and just today I thought that I would be happier if I broke up with him yet just 30 minutes later I was normal again and totaly in love. It's like I'm bi polar on this thing. and I've been causing my family stress, and my boyfriend to worry with all these mood swings and getting emotinal and upset over the smallest thing. Of course I'm a 19 year old woman so I'm going to get moody anyways, but this is just crazy. I get upset easily and I have irrational fears ALL the time of my boyfriend leaving me or cheating when he goes to college father away from me. Even though he is the most loyal guy I know and simply doesnt have it in him to do anything to knowingly hurt me.

I need to get off this, but I want something thats going to be affective. I can't take the pill, because I'm not going to remember to take something everyday. NO WAY. If only they made a pill to take once a month, that would be perfect.

Since depo is making me highly emotional and the pill wouldnt work for me, what else is there to take? I really wanted to take Mirena, but thats only if you've had one kid already for some reason. What should I take?