I started the implant contraceptive in september 2017 and started my period on october and haven't stopped bleeding since! I've been going to the doctor for months now. At first he prescribed me bc pills AND moultrin on top of the implant to try to decrease the bleeding and it didn't help at all.

So in february 2018 I decided to remove the implant and switch to birth control pills that are only supposed to give you periods every three months (brand name is Jolessa). The bleeding STILL hasn't stopped since then and it's April 11th.

I went to my doctor again yesterday and he prescribed me a higher dosage of my current bc pills (3 pills for 3 days, 2 pills for 3 days, and then 1 pill on the 7th day until the whole pack is finished). He called it a "birth control cascade." He said that if the "birth control cascade" doesn't help with the bleeding that I should consider switching to depo or have the IUD implanted in me. He also told me to start taking iron pills in case I'm anemic. I'm going to see him next week to get some blood tests done. I might get an ultrasound, and he told me worst case scenario I'm going to get D&C which is the scraping the uterine lining to decrease blood flow. 

I'm really losing hope here.. someone please tell me they have this problem and have solved it. I feel like I'm going to be on my period forever, and it makes me so upset thinking about how long I've been struggling with this.