I'm on depo provera and I've only had two injections so far I go back in November Okay, me and my boyfriend I see him a lot and almost everytime I do we go (uk what I mean) at least 3-4 times in one single day.. Once we went 7. Yeah. Depo has me crazy. And lately I've just felt more tired and nauseated and have more headaches I'm moody I go off on my boyfriend every second then hug him and cry then start laughing. I have lower back aches 24/7 I've took two cheap home pg tests but negative..? But I still feel like I am. And I'm only 15 almost 16 so I have no way to go take a blood test.. And my mom won't take me. She doesn't believe I am but I believe I am. I'm so confused. Please just help me?! My boyfriend believes I am also. Please just help me? Does anybody have any advice or anything I've heard people got pregnant on it before and right now I'm really strongly believin it.. Just please help me.. Somebody.