I've been on contraception for sooo long. Here is my timeline:

2009-2012: Depo Injections

2012-2015: First Implanon Implant

2015- February 2017: 2nd Implanon

Whilst on Depo, I never had a period. During the first 2 years of my first implanon, I had zero period. The 3rd year of my first implanon, I had constant spotting for 3 out of 4 weeks. After a year of dealing with that, I had it replaced. For the first 3 months of the 2nd implanon, I again had zero periods but would have monthly changes (moody, SUPER sore breasts, cramping). For the remainder time of my 2nd implanon I had consistent, regular periods each month. Moderate bleeding for 5-6 days, every 28 days. I then decided it was time to think about babies with my long term partner and had the implanon removed 2 months ago. Since it has been removed, I haven't had a period (not even spotting). Which I found odd since I was getting regular periods on the implanon. I had one week of sore breasts (more sore than usual)... but still no period. I had resigned myself to thinking that getting pregnant would take some time after years of contraception... but zero periods had me thinking. However, 2x negative pregnancy tests so far. 

Anyone else been in a similar situation? Thoughts?