Hi everyone I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I have been using Implanon birth control for almost three years now and I am due to have it removed in about 2months. I'm here because two days ago I noticed some brown discharge when I wiped and some spotting. I have very Irregular periods and only had around two during my first year using Implanon. I can go months without bleeding. I had my last period approx 3-4 weeks ago but I'm not 100% because I am terrible for keeping track of it. I am now finding random bright red blood with clots when I wipe and a little spotting but no full bleeding yet. It would be unusual for me to get another period so soon but I have also heard that the Implanon can become less effective as it comes to its expiry date so I am not concerned that I am pregnant. I have been having cramps and sensitive breasts also. Is brown discharge normal before bleeding? I'm 24yrs old and I am a healthy weight for my height as I know being overweight can sometimes cause the Implant to become less effective. I suffer from anxiety and I am too nervous to take a pregnancy test. I have been with my boyfriend for two years and we do not use any other protection.