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Hello ladies and Gent,

    My name is Padee, im 21 years old. And a mother of 3 sons. Im having a little difficulty tracking and conciving. When i first got pregnant i was 15 years old, born in 2006. My 2nd baby was born not go far apart, he was born 2007, their only 11months apart. After my 2nd baby, me and my husband decided to have safe sex. So we used the "PULL OUT" method. And it lasted 3 years. And one day he accidently ejeculated inside my vagina (NOT THE WHOLE THING BUT SOME), so i was pregnant with baby #3, Had him in 2010. I was afraid i might have a baby back to back i decided to get on BIRTH CONTROL. I tried the pills, didnt work for me. So i tried "IMPLANON". I had it inserted after my period back in "MARCH 2011". NOW me and my husband decided that we want to try for our baby #4, for a baby girl.

Took me 3 MONTHS to finally schedule a appointment to get my "IMPLANON" removed. I had it removed on

APRIL 15th, 2012. I ask the doctor alot of question. I wanted to know how soon can i concive, and how long would it take for me to have an cycle. I wanted to have 1 or 2 cycle to thin my uterus linning, because of the 1 year no period i assume my uterus linning is thick.  The doctor has told me that it would take fearly 48 hours for the medician to leave my system completely. after 48 hours i should start ovulating again and concive right away. He also said that i should get my period the next day or 3rd day. if its been 2 weeks or 4 weeks and i havent had a period than i should take a HPT to see if its possitive because after implanon removal, you could have concive.

TODAY is May 9th, 2012, and still I have no period or spotting. My last HPT was April 29th, 2012 and it was negative. so i assume its tooo soon to be test.

But, i have alot of pelvic cramping and aches, loss in appetite, tired and alot of blaoting like imma have a period soo soon and i feel something leak, so i check and theres nothing but some clear and white discharge only :(

I NEED ADVICE, or can someone tell me what could it be or how to deal with this....and is it too soon to see a doctor?


Hello I had my implanon removed April 17 2012 because we wanted to try for one more baby and I had a period on April 21 until April 28 then I was expecting my period in may but it never came so I just took a pg test every Friday until I just gave up since they were all negative so the last test i took was on june 15 then I woke up yesterday june 24 2012 I don't know why but just for giggles I wanted to take a test and it was a strong positive we are figuring I am about 7 weeks yesterday so I hope you get the results you want good luck


Hi padeevue and rachel2003lake

its so nice to hear im not the only one.
i had my implanon for 5years changing it after 3, the whole 5year i never had a period. I had it removed 3 weeks ago, i have still yet to see my period arrive. ivr had regular unprotected sex with my partner and have been feeling bloated like im going to come on my period but not just alot of discharge. ive had sore nipples, cramping and been a moody madam!
Ive done hpt and neg.
not sure whats going on!!!
Any advice would be great and congrats rachel


Hello Ladies,

As you know i had an implanon and had it removed due to  TTC. Will....after alilo over a year of having implanon i had it removed. I didnt get my period at all...i started to worry. Had alot of cramps and feeling like a period coming in...but nothing. Had implanon removed in April of 2012. Took me 6months to finally have a period. I felt like im infertal. I had my period in October, November, December...i gave up in December on TTC. Right when i gave up...I became pregnant in January.


Today as of March 1st, I am currently pregnant. After almost a year of trying. Im finally pregnant. Im about 9 weeks in. Im excited.

I hope that im helpful and i can ease your worries ladies.

I hope and wish you all the luck in the world. Hope You all will be Bless with a miracle