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We are trying to conceive baby number 4 i had my implanon removed on the 26th of April, I had a period a week before it was removed then I had another period on the 17t of may exactly 28 days since my last period, that was very very light and only lasted 2 day, I was due for another Period on the 14th of june and it still hasn't arrived Ive done tests and im not pregnant, Is it normal to have a 28 day cycle then have an irregular cycles? This is all new to me in the 11 yrs ive been having periods ive ALWAYS been regular 28 day cycles.

Any help would be appreciated.Thank you.


Even though your periods have been regular before and despite that the first period after the Implanon removal was a 28 day one, hormones from the birth control still might have the impact on this month's period. It might take some time for leftover hormones to clear from tour system and for your body to adjust - it doesn't have to be strange at all to have your periods shift a bit and hormonal contraceptives do play a big part there. I'd recommend you to test again for pregnancy because your ovulation probably shifted with the longer cycle.