my baby girl was born three months ago, and after i pushed for an hour, the doc suctioned the baby out of me, she suctioned twice, the first one wasn't successful thus i had one episiotomy and third degree tear. my downthere was swollen pretty hard, and the doc spent like 40 minutes sewing me up.

four weeks after child birth i started to have air coming out of my vagina, i started to do some kegel exercise, it got a bit better, but the symptom wasn't gone.

12 weeks after child birth,every time after i urinated i'll have drainage out of the episiotomy sewage, the drainage is sometimes yellow and sometimes transparent, i suppose the drainage is urine. after urination i always use a tissue to push up against the episiotomy sewage to get the drainage out of it, after the drainage is gone, i could even hear air moving in and out of the episiotomy sewage, i guess the air gets in from the episiomtomy sewage to to my vagina? (but the doc checked me up saying that the episiotomy is healed up well.)

right after the drainage symptom showed up, i sometimes can feel air coming out of my vagina when i pass gas which wasn't the case before. i guess there is a fistula between my vagina and rectum? but so far i've never had any stool out of my vagina.

i am really confused about what's wrong with me.
i really hope that it's not fistula, but then how can the air problem and drainage problem be explained?