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Hello ladies,

I am so sad to realize that so many women suffer like this after childbirth. Motherhood is such an emotional, mental and physical roller coaster in and of itself, and adding this on top is unthinkable. On the bright side, I'm relieved to know I am not alone and I am thankful for what you have shared, it has helped me and others I am sure.

I will try to keep it short, I know we're all Moms and therefore our free time is precious!

I have had 3 vaginal deliveries.

First baby was posterior, I had a 3rd degree episiotomy and vacuum extraction, but my healing was fine, no damage occurred, everything seemed normal.

Second baby, my biggest, was 8 lbs 7 oz, and he came out with nary a small tear. Best recovery, I felt like I could have a thousand babies!

Third baby was 2 months ago, he also came out posterior. I had a fourth degree tear. My recovery went well, and thank God, at this point, I do not have fecal incontinence. But I do not have control of my gas, and it comes up through my vagina.

I am trying to monitor my diet and do my kegels but there is not much else I can do. At my post partum check up, my midwife checked me and said I did not have an RVF. But I don't understand why gas is leaking through my vagina.

In the meantime, my husband and I plan (or hope!) to have another child in the next few years. I'm worried I'll have another posterior baby, tear again, and have even worse damage to my pelvic floor muscles. I don't want to elect for a c-section since that presents its own host of potential complications. And even if we were done having children....I'm just depressed and discouraged when I read how unsuccessful most repairs seem to be, and in some cases , they make matters worse.

It would seem my best option would be to plan not to have another baby and try to get a repair, but I don't like that option. My worst case scenario is having another baby vaginally and dealing with lifelong consequences.

My husband and I always wanted a big family and what makes me saddest of all, sadder than the prospect of having no control of my bowels in my thirties - is the idea that I have to make the choice myself to be done having children. I'd almost prefer if a doctor told me I couldn't, due to a life-threatening circumstance.

I'd appreciate hearing back from anyone. Thanks for your time. You all are in my prayers. You have definitely encouraged me.


Hi! I found that vaginal gas that involves strong odor or fecal matter may be a result of colovaginal fistula, a serious condition involving a tear between the vagina and colon, which can result from surgery, child birth, diseases (such as Crohn’s disease), and other causes.It says that his can also be a symptom of an internal female genital prolapse, a condition most often caused by child birth. You should discuss your next pregnancy with you doctor, maybe a C-section would be the solution. Take care.


Hi, thank you for your reply. Is a colovaginal fistula the same as a rectal vaginal fistula? It would explain why my midwife did not detect a fistula during her digital examination I guess, because a colovaginal would be more internal maybe? I do not leak feces, only gas. I appreciate your input. Thank you.


Hi! Yes, colovaginal fistula is the same condition as a rectovaginal fistula. Contents of your bowel can leak from the fistula, meaning you might pass gas or stool through your vagina.