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Ok in the last 4 days I began feeling like I was coming down with a cold.Sore throat, sinus problems and drainage problems. Anyhoo I then got what I thought was diarrhea. For two days straight I was in the bathroom with liquid stool basically. My stomach was basically making me feel nauseated as well. Now my stomach doesnt really hurt anymore but my stool is now coming out in pieces instead of a whole like normal. Should I be worried?



It sounds to me like you had some stronger case of flu combined with stomach flu. The symptoms you described: cold-like symptoms, together with nausea and very persistent diarrhea lasting about four or five days is really quite typical for stomach flu. After this liquid-like diarrhea and stomach problems, it just takes some time for you to first become able to eat normally.

The still-not so solid and regular stool is fairly normal for a few days after stomach upset like this. Like I said, you first need to get back to eating regular food and then your body will get back to normal. So, this isn’t something to worry about and I’m sure you’ll see a change in a few days, as you recover.