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Today im 7dpo and i have noticed  few symptoms in the last 24hrs and i think i am driving myself crazy with the two week wait. Here are the things i have noticed that i dont usually see mid cycle.

Increased creamy CM

Lower back pain

Tingles and itch in both breasts and under arms

Pinches and cramps in lower middle/right abdomin

Constant hunger

Overwhelming tiredness

Cervix position low soft and very mushy

Extremly irritable

Bloated almost heavy AF feeling.

Crippling head aches

All advice welcome as this fingers crossed is my first pregnancy after 2 years TTC with PCOS.


I'm glad we r in the same boat! the past three nights I been feeling nausea,headache tired, and backache! I just had my period but it only lasted for a day! me n my partner had sex two days before my period! do u think what can cause my period to only last a day? I have irregular periods and I'm going for a check up soon... pls answer me back! thanks


I have no idea what ould cause your period to only last 1 day, was it heavy? maybe it was implantation bleed if it was light, i dont know im as confused as you...let me know if your pregnant might gve me some hope.