Me and my girlfriend were just playing around mid May. It was mutual masturbation. I had a wank and fingered her (pretty sure my hands weren't soaking wet with semen- I think I wiped some off on the duvet leaving sticky fingers). I understood the risk of this after a few days but we agreed the risk of pregnany was probably low.

Her last period before we did this was around May the 11th, after this, she got her period which was a week early. She said that she had week early period before so it was nothing to worry about.

We then had protected sex for the first time in June but I was worried that the condom had slipped so to be safe, we used the MAP within 6 hours. Again, she got her period/bleeding but it was irregular which was expected because of the MAP.

Still being paranoid about the pregnancy risk from the mutual masturbation, she agreed to take HPT which came in a pack of two. Both were negatives, but she drank some water in the morning which could have meant diluted urine which means inaccurate results right? (She took them on the same day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

Come July, she says her period is normal and she thinks I should stop worrying.

Researching this, all the signs point that she's not pregnant. I know you can't have periods and pregnancy at the same time. She seems confident that she is not pregnant too. I know the risk of pregnancy from fingering is relatively low. But I keep reading stories about women who have regular period-like bleeding in some cases thoughout all their months of pregnany.